Growtex, a family-owned and operated Australian business, offers comprehensive horticulture solutions for growers. With a rich experience of more than 25 years in automation systems, water systems, construction, and project management our unwavering commitment lies in delivering high-quality greenhouse solutions to Australian growers.

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Introducing our


Greenhouse Structures

  • Poly Greenhouses (Hi-Tech)
  • Poly Greenhouses (Medium-Tech)
  • Glass houses

Water Systems

  • Fertigation
  • Irrigation
  • Water filtration
  • Water disinfection & treatment
  • Water pumping & storage

Cultivation Systems

  • Grow gutters
  • Tray systems
  • Bench systems
  • Moving gutter systems
  • NFT Systems

Climate Systems

  • Cooling & humidity
  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Grow lights

Automation Systems

  • Control systems


  • Scissor lifts & scaffolding
  • Crop sprayers
  • Nursery equipment
  • Crop rotation
  • Harvest & transport systems



We embrace the uniqueness of every horticulture structure. Our philosophy revolves around harnessing innovation to promote thriving, profitable and high-quality crops.

By offering a diverse selection of greenhouses and advanced technical systems, we deliver unparalleled solutions to suit any cultivation scenario.

Poly Greenhouses (Hi-Tech)

Suitable for the commercial production of vegetables, flowers, fruit, medical cannabis and nursery cultivation across diverse climate conditions, our innovative poly greenhouses are designed to the highest quality standards to ensure long-term performance.

  • Designed to withstand high wind and crop loads.
  • Customised structures, from the simplest to most high-tech and efficient.
  • Agile installation focused on the logistical needs of the client
  • Equipment adapted to the needs of the crop and climate

Poly Greenhouses (Medium-Tech)

Designed for maximising the production and quality of berries for commercial growers, our innovative medium tech polyhouse is inspired by the gothic arch and clear spans of our high-tech polyhouses. These high quality macro tunnels ensure optimal use of light, air and water for protected berry cultivation.

  • Reinforced structure designed to withstand high wind and crop loads
  • Wide spans to allow for maximum output per square meter
  • Available with ridge venting, various roof and wall coverings


The Venlo glasshouse is suitable for the commercial production of vegetables, fruits, flowers and nursery cultivation in mild to cold climates.

Our glasshouses incorporate the most advanced materials and automation technologies. They are designed to let in optimum light and radiation and are available with various natural ventilation options, enabling you to deliver energy-efficient stable growing conditions.

  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Engineered for high wind and crop loads
  • Range of natural ventilation options
  • Superior light transmission

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At Growtex we specialise in delivering cutting-edge, advanced greenhouse systems that cater to various growing methods. Our team has decades of expertise in water treatment, climate control, and automation systems, allowing us to tailor solutions to match the requirements of your project.

We can help you achieve the optimum ambient environment regardless of external conditions.


  • Ventilation
  • Screens
  • Circulationg and extraction fans
  • Evaporative cooling systems
  • High pressure fogging
  • Misting systems


  • Air heating systems
  • Boilers, burners and condensers
  • CO2 enrichment system
  • Heat storage tanks
  • Heating piping (pipe rail, grow pipe, overhead).

Lighting Systems

  • LED grow lights
  • Light controllers

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Growtex offers advanced systems for precision irrigation, automation and fertigation complemented by a host of control solutions to boost yields and minimise resources.

With an intelligently designed water system, you can save up to 50% in water and fertiliser, while significantly increasing yields and quality.

We tailor each system to the needs of the farm, ensuring the best possible return on investment.

Fertigation and Irrigation Systems

  • Fertigation systems
  • Drip irrigation
  • Boom irrigation
  • Ebb and Flow Systems

Water Treatment

  • Filtration systems
  • Disinfection systems
  • Irrigation drain water recycling systems

Water Storage

  • Poly water tranks
  • Steel water tanks
  • Dam liners
  • Heat buffer tanks

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Growtex provides some of the smartest greenhouse control systems in the world. With modern and next-level process computers, allowing you to grow more, at higher quality while using minimal resources.

Our systems are a combination of smart software and state-of-the-art hardware including climate sensors, weather stations, process sensors and user-friendly controllers.

Growtex has an automation solution for virtually all processes and systems in your company. Regardless of your crop, climate or business conditions. We work with growers in every possible climate zone, with the most diverse crops.

Automation Systems

  • Climate control systems
  • Water control systems
  • Energy management systems
  • Labour management systems
  • Sensors
  • Weather stations

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We offer a large range of innovative solutions for the cultivation and internal logistics of all greenhouse crops. Our systems are designed to optimise space and help you grow longer lasting, higher quality crops.

We understand that a good cultivation system will minimise disease, fungi and excess humidity that causes huge economic losses.

Grow Gutters

Our evolutionary hydroponic gutter systems incorporate a spacer to provide good air flow and avoid moisture accumulating under the substrate.

This ensures stronger roots, reduced diseases, better drainage of waste water and ultimately a better yield with less water and fertiliser.

Tray Systems

We offer moving tray systems to fit most nursery, seedling and potted plant applications.

Each system is tailored to suit the customers needs and can be supplied with trays or crates as required.

Moving Gutter System

Our moving gutter system is a fully automated salad and herb growing system. It is designed to reduce labour, energy and water consumption, therefore reducing your total production costs.

By minimising human interaction with the plants, the risk of disease spread is greatly reduced and the crop is consistently higher quality.

Bench Systems

We supply a range of bench systems, from simple fixed benching right up to fully automated mobile systems for advanced greenhouses.

Trays and automation is tailored to suit your farm.

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Growtex supply a wide range of high-quality horticulture machines and equipment from leading European manufacturers.

Our equipment stands out because it is reliable, easy to maintain and user friendly. Parts are readily available and backed up by our support team righthere in Australia.

Scissor Lifts & Scaffolding

Our range of scissor lifts and scaffolding includes both pipe rail and all terrain units.

They are available in various heights, track widths and steering configurations to suit your greenhouse.

Crop Rotation

We offer a range of high-quality, reliable and easy to operate crop rotation equipment that is manufactured in Europe. The range includes crop removers, shredders, winders, tippers and more.

Pipe Rail Sprayers

Our advanced piperail sprayers are designed for automatic spraying of plant protection treatments in professional greenhouses.

Our range also includes washing and disinfection trolleys.

All-Terrain Sprayers

Our all terrain sprayers are all wheel drive and offer incredible traction and versatility for greenhouses without pipe rails, nurseries, berry crops, net houses and many other open field applications.

Nursery Equipment

We offer a complete range of high-tech, nursery automation systems, designed and manufactured in Italy to the highest quality standards.

They are easy to use, reliable, low maintenance and long lasting.

The range includes sowing, filling, washing, stacking, labeling, transplanting and more.

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